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Runners & Cyclists

Your Sports Bottle's Best Friend!

As an athlete, your body is a finely tuned engine. Like an engine you need constant fueling to achieve peak performance. AquaJoe lets you hydrate where it matters most; at the track or on the course. You supply the water we'll do the rest!

The AquaJoe is designed for athletes. With the included carrying clip the AquaJoe can be easily secured to any hydration pack or hydration belt.

Looking for the best pricing on your sports drink powder? The sports drink resource page has the information you need.

Create a free safety ID for your AquaJoe. Fill out the safety ID template, print it and secure it to an unused side of your AquaJoe. The life it saves could be yours!

  • Compatible with all sports drink powders and bottles
  • Ideal replacement for costly and environmentally unfriendly gel packs
  • Simple one handed operation lets you use your AquaJoe without missing a step
  • Single piece design means no pieces to lose or break off
  • Perfect add on for your Camelbak or Fuelbelt
  • Free on-line safety ID template

"I tried taking a baggie of
sports drink powder on long runs
or on particularly hot days but it was a huge hassle."

"With AquaJoe I only need to bring a simple sports bottle on my runs. I can refuel at any water fountain without having to worry about powder spilling or bags opening."

F.T.- triathlete

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