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Instructions & FAQ

What is an AquaJoe?

The AquaJoe is a patented hydration device that can turn water into your favorite beverage. It is designed to work with any drink powder and any sports bottle, bottled water, hydration pack, canteen, hydration belt etc. The AquaJoe weighs about one ounce and is approximately six inches in length. Each AquaJoe holds three tablespoons of powder. An unlimited number of AquaJoe units can be connected together giving virtually unlimited capacity.

How do I use my AquaJoe?

Simply SCOOP up your favorite beverage. SEAL your AquaJoe by rotating the scoop 180 degrees. SERVE the powder into your water when needed.

How do I dis-assemble my AquaJoe for cleaning?

To dis-assemble your AquaJoe apply pressure under the edge of the scoop(3). The neck insert(2) can be removed by using the end of a screwdriver to eject it. To re-assemble place neck insert(2) in groove at top of body(1) making sure that the small tab on the neck insert fits into the matching notch at the top of the body. Apply pressure to the scoop to re-attach to body while making sure that the three components are aligned as shown in the diagram.

The neck insert seems to be stuck inside the scoop. How do I remove it?

Use the tip of a flat head screwdriver as a 'lever' and pop the neck insert out.

How many tablespoons are in a scoop?

Many drink powders instruct you to use a 'scoopful' of powder. There are is no standard sized scoop. Many scoops have the capacity printed on the bottom in cubic centimeters (CC). One tablespoon is the equivalent of 14.7 CC. Keep in mind that one tablespoon (TBSP) equals three teaspoons (TSP). Each AquaJoe unit can hold three tablespoons. For further assistance go to Convert Anything.

What can I do to make my AquaJoe easier to open and close?

Dis-assemble (see above) the AquaJoe and apply a very small amount of cooking spray or vegetable oil at the top of the body.

What can I do to make my AquaJoe attach more securely to the carrying clip?

Place a small piece of adhesive tape on the carrying clip where it connects to your AquaJoe.