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AquaJoe is Your Lunchbox &
Locker Solution

Parents and kids love AquaJoe! Send a few to school with your kids. Combine different powders to create your own drink 'mashups'. Keep a few in your locker when you want more than plain water.

Consider This

  • Drink powders have the lowest cost per serving.
  • Compatible with all powdered infant formula and baby bottles.
  • Ideal size and shape for one quart airplane carry-on bag.
  • Drink powders contain no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Eliminate's heavy beverage bottles in your lunch box.
  • Replaces environmentally unfriendly drink boxes.

"AquaJoe fits perfectly into
the one quart plastic bags allowed
on planes. I fill a few with powdered formula for the baby and a few with sports drink powder for myself."

"Whenever it's really hot, I worry that my kids aren't drinking enough water. With AquaJoe I never have to remind them about drinking water."

Did you know that AquaJoe works with chocolate milk powder and any size milk carton?

Looking for low sugar kid friendly sports drink powders? Take a look at Ultima Replenisher and Rain on our Drink Resource Page.

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