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Free Safety ID

Add Personal Safety Information To Your AquaJoe!

If you or your child lead an active lifestyle, create a Safety ID and attach it to an unused surface of your AquaJoe. If you are injured and you do not have your purse, wallet or other identification, the AquaJoe Safety ID can communicate vital information to first responders. The life you save could be your own or someone you love!

What To Include on Your AquaJoe Safety ID

Your Safety ID should include your (or your childs) full first and last name. We recommend that you use your given names and not nicknames. This will make it easier for emergency personnel to locate vital medical history.

Phone numbers are one of the most important items on your ID! First responders and medical personnel will use these phone numbers to contact your family and friends. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident, your family and friends will be able to convey needed information to emergency workers.

You should put a minimum of 2 phone numbers on your Safety ID. Be sure to list numbers of people that are most likely to answer the phone when you may need them to. If you live alone, do not list your own phone numbers. . These numbers will be of no help if you are injured. If the Safety ID is for a child you should use your personal phone numbers.

Print Your PDF Label

Fill in your desired information on the two lines, then proceed to print the label. Once you've printed the PDF label, you can cut along the indicated line and affix the label to one of the unused surfaces of your AquaJoe. You have 128 character spaces per line. You do not have to use both lines. Your text will be centered horizontally and print just as you typed it.

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